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Welcome to Kloudbusters

Located in the heart of the South Central Kansas prairie, KLOUDBusters epitomizes the best of High Power Rocketry in the United States. With a large active membership and dedicated Board of Directors, KLOUDBusters has maintained the same launch site since 1991. Flying monthly near the town of Argonia, Kansas, with a one-hour drive time southwest of Wichita, KLOUDBusters hosts 3 major launches each year and monthly fun flies. Additionally, at the same site KLOUDBusters has hosted the annual Tripoli Rocketry Association national launch LDRS an unprecedented SEVEN times: 1993, 1994, 1999, 2003, 2008, 2011 and most recently in 2019. KLOUDBusters has also hosted the inaugural Discovery Channel "Rocket Challenge" in July 2003 and the History Channel "Large Dangerous Rocket Ships" program in 2011.

What separates KLOUDBusters from other clubs across the nation is that exceptional flying field - known to the locals as The Rocket Pasture. Launch operations are based from that 40 acre all-weather field, recovery is provided in adjacent farmland stretching for miles and literally as far as the eye can see and owned by the friendly farmers whose goodwill we depend upon and foster. The available waiver for all KLOUDBusters launches is 50,000' AGL. All flights over 20,000' require prior approval from the KLOUDBusters Prefect - application here. Contact the KloudBusters prefect for further details.

All KLOUDBusters launches are conducted under the Tripoli Unified Safety Code. Details available on the Launch Schedule page.

Tripoli Kansas #34