Sweaty BALLS I - The Plan

OK, folks. I've been holding back a bit to make sure Wheat Harvest 2009 would be complete prior to SB1. I drove down Sunday to check it out and it looks like we can access the field just fine, although the pasture grass is a bit high (more on that later).

It looks like we are "GO" for launch this weekend. There are a few things you need to know if you come.

Launch Details:

Waiver hours:
    Friday 6PM - 8PM
    Saturday 9AM - 8PM
    Sunday 9AM - 4PM

The little waiver window on Friday is an incentive for a few folks to come down and help set-up. If we can get most everytthing ready Friday evening, we can start launching early, before things get "really sweaty". Also, we will possibly have to do some clearing of grass/weeds around the trailer, the LCO area and pad areas. The grass/weeds are tall in places in the Rocket Pasture and we can use a few weed whackers and/or a mower or two. A machete could be put to use, too. If you have room to bring one of these weapons of mass vegetation destruction, please let me know at president@kloudbusters.org.

Launch Fees:
   FREE for KLOUDBusters members!!!
   Non-member fees apply ($5 per day)

SB1 is a TRA Research launch. All Tripoli members 18 years of age or older may participate. We're hoping to see lots of research motors, but you ARE NOT LIMITED to launching reseach motors. Mark Logan of Science Education Center will be on-site with plenty of NON-REGULATED APCP motors and other supplies.

On Saturday we will fire-up a grill as the waiver winds down and grill up ome hotdogs and have a cook-out. KLOUDBusters will provide the 'dogs and buns; if you want to join us, bring something to share and we'll have a big picnic. What should you bring? Any side dishes, snacks, or treats you like ...

If you can't decide what YOU like, I LIKE potato chips, tortilla chips and salsa, chocolate chip cookies, baked beans, watermelon, jalapeno poppers, M&Ms (try out the "melts in your mouth, not in your hands claim) or just about anything else.

Also, bring your own beverage of choice.

KLOUDBusters members and family are welcome to join us.

Please drop me a quick note off-list (lancel@cox.net) with the number of people. I'll need to get an idea of how many hot dogs to bring.

Some other things to remember regarding SB1:

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