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KLOUDBusters 2019 Launch Schedule
CLICK HERE for a PDF file of KLOUDBusters 2019 launches

KLOUDBusters Schedule of Events
IMPORTANT: The TRA and KLOUDBusters Launch Rules effective in 2019 are the latest
TRA Research Safety Code published on the Tripoli Rocketry Association web-site. More details below.
Event Date
January Fun Fly Saturday January 12, 2019
February Fun Fly Saturday February 9, 2019
March Fun Fly Sunday March 10, 2019
Argonia Cup Competition
Saturday March 30, 2019
Sunday March 31, 2019
------------Break for Wheat------------
July Fun Fly Schedule Change
Saturday July 20, 2019
Apollo 11 50th Anniversary
August Fun Fly Sunday August 4, 2019
LDRS 38 Thursday August 29, 2019
>Friday August 30, 2019
Saturday August 31, 2019
Sunday September 1, 2019
Monday September 2, 2019
October Fun Fly Saturday October 12, 2019
Sunday October 13, 2019
Distant Thunder '19 Saturday November 9, 2019
Sunday November 10, 2019
December Fun Fly Saturday December 14, 2019
Christmas Party Saturday December 14, 2019
That's a lot of smoke, fire, and noise!!!
First alternate date for Saturday launches will be Sunday.
All launches are conducted under the Tripoli Research Safety Code (published version on the TRA web-site).
A Model Rocket area will be available for kids and eligible adult group leaders.
KLOUDBusters Launch Rules (Latest published TRA Research Safety Code in effect)All KLOUDBusters launches will be conducted under the Tripoli Research Safety Code. All adult fliers must be members of the Tripoli Rocketry Association or the National Association of Rocketry to participate. All Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) AND National Association of Rocketry (NAR) adult members may launch commercial motors to their certification level (Level 0 through Level 3) on all days. Certification attempts are allowed; KLOUDBusters supports TRA Certification; if you are a member of NAR seeking to certify you must arrange for yourself for your certification authority to be present. To launch Research propellants, flyers must be TRA members and Level 2 or 3 certified.
Youth flyers model rocket flyers under 18 years of age may participate every scheduled launch day within the designated Model Rocket area. Non-member adult sponsors and/or leaders may participate within the Model Rocket area as "named insured" participants. Youth flyers must stay within the Model Rocket area or the spectator area during all high-power activity. No youth are allowed in the high-power pad area while high-power rockets are present. The Launch Director or Launch Control Officer will announce when the high-power area is safe and model rockets may be retrieved.
If you have a Scout troup, 4-H group, home school group, class, or other youth group and are thinking about attending a KLOUDBusters launch, please read the Youth Groups FAQ page for more information about bringing your group out to the Rocket Pasture. Youth leaders -- please let our Youth Outreach Coordinator know a few weeks in advance if you're coming out to fly with KLOUDBusters.
Tripoli Rocketry Association currently has a Tripoli Mentoring Program (TMP) which allows supervised access to the high-power range and flight privileges for youth flyers 12-17 years of age who meet specific qualification requirements. KLOUDBusters supports these TMP activities. Youth 12-17 and their Adult Mentor should refer to the TRA TMP program guidlines here:  Link to TMP Overview
If you're not a TRA or NAR member and want to participate at KLOUDBusters launch days, TRA membership applications are available at the launch site or visit the Tripoli Rocketry Association web-site to join.
Spectators please read the Spectator Info page for more information about High Power rocket launches.
The KloudBurst launch is our first large launch each year. The weather in early Spring tends to be a bit cool so dress warm. Camp on-site or at the Argonia River Park. Since this is the first big launch of the year many folks bring out the rockets they built over the winter. Lots of good flights can be expected! The KloudBurst launch is always a lot of fun. It is always nice to meet up with friends in the Spring and talk rockets!
If you can only make it to one launch ... you've GOT to make it to AIRFest! Flyers from throughout the entire U.S.A. (and even some international flyers) regularly attend AIRFest and bring their very special projects for everyone to enjoy. AIRFest is even big enough to have its own Web Presence. Camping is available on-site or at the Argonia River Park; or take advantage of the hotels nearby. You can expect to see rockets of all shapes and sizes from 1/2A through P at AIRFest. Some have suggested that AIRFest as a an equivalent to LDRS -- it is NOT, rather, AIRFest is a complement to LDRS. But ... if you can't make it to LDRS perhaps you CAN make it to AIRFest!
What a great way to end the flying season. Bring out your rockets, hot dogs, and marshmallows. Launch in the day, sit around the camp fire at night. Burn up those motors so you can buy bigger ones next year! This is the launch that folks like to attend to close the season with a bang. Weather can be cool at night but very comfortable in the daytime. The winds in late fall tend to be light (now watch, the launch is cursed for sure now)! Distant Thunder is KLOUDBusters' Youth OutReach launch and there are usually Scouts, 4-H, Home School, etc. groups in attendance.
All KLOUDBusters launches are conducted under the TRA Research Safety Code. In addition to the commercial certified motors available from our vendors, some advanced Level 2 and Level 3 high-power rocketry enthusiasts enjoy making and launching their own Research propellants. KLOUDBusters has decided to conduct all launches under the TRA Research Rules in order to enable these advanced rocket launches to take place during the same days as the Model Rocket launches by youth flyers. In doing so, we have opened-up the full spectrum of rocketry for everyone who attends KLOUDBusters launches to enjoy with just a few additional restrictions in place. Non-members are invited to abide by these restritions so everyone can enjoy the rocketry experience to its fullest. If you find yourself wanting more, it is available at any time simply by joining the Tripoli Rocketry Association and taking full advantage of the available liability insurance. If you have questions regarding any details about KLOUDBusters launches, please contact our Prefect.
Upcoming Events
Distant Thunder '19
Sat. Nov. 9 - Sun. Nov. 10, 2019
December Fun Fly
Saturday December 14, 2019

All KLOUDBusters launches are conducted under the TRA Research Safety Code. Details available on the Launch Schedule page.
PDF color poster of 2019 KLOUDBusters launches
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BREAKING NEWS: Next Launch: Saturday-Sunday October 12-13, 2019. Waiver 9AM - 5PM.
KLOUDBusters has hosted LDRS at our Argonia, KS launch site: 1993, 1994, 1999, 2003, 2008, & 2011.
Just announced - KLOUDBusters is hosting LDRS 38 in 2019!!! KLOUDBusters launches have been featured in TV programs twice: Rocket Challenge in 2003 and LDRS-Large Dangerous Rocket Ships in 2011.