Distant Thunder 2010 Details

Friday Afternoon Update

Distant Thunder is "GO". Yes it has rained quite a bit, but it has been very dry and the forecast for the weekend is pretty good, although a bit cool. Be prepared for mud and cool temperatures.

Scouts or anyone else going out on Friday, especially if you plan on arriving after dark, please consider spending the night at the Argonia River Park which is just on the south end of Argonia along the river. There are large camping areas, lighting, and gravel drives in the park.

If you do go down to the Rocket Pasture after dark, once in the pasture, watch for muddy areas bare of grass. Please stay to the east (left when entering) when driving past the semi-trailer. Please do not drive between the semi-trailer and the large storage containers - that area will be muddy.

All Scout troops have been asked to camp along the west fence line of the pasture. With conditions as they are, that will be the highest and most flat area anyway.

The range closes at 4:00PM both days.

Launch fees - $10 for non-members. Free for KLOUDBusters members. Please bring your current TRA membership card.

No sparkies and impulse limited to 'L' and below.

Scout troop 606 will be on site selling sloppy joes, drinks and snacks. This is being coordinated by James Reeves, who is a KloudBusters member.

Set-up on Saturday starts at about 8:00AM. The range will open when we get set-up (9:00AM at the earliest). We might have to burn-off some areas around the pads, so a few rakes and shovels would be useful.

There will be a KloudBuster rocket drag race - run what you brung. How about we do this around 2PM on Saturday? I'm open time-wise (mine will be prepped on Friday).

There will be some scout troops on-site and any RSO, LCO, and Pad Manager help will be appreciated. I'll post a list of volunteers we have so far as soon as I get it, but there aren't many.

The forecast calls for the rain to move on by on Friday night with a decent forecast for the weekend. If we do get rain as predicted, 80th Street will be a muddy mess this weekend, especially on Saturday morning. DO NOT drive on 80th between Argonia Rd. and Eden Rd. or YOU WILL GET STUCK. Come up Eden Rd. from K44 and then over on 80th..

State police and sheriffs have been patrolling Argonia Rd. By statute, the speed limit on unposted county roads is 55MPH. Also, please observe posted speed limits in Argonia - the locals appreciate that.

Looking forward to a great weekend.

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