AIRFest 26 - KLOUDBusters
   AIRFest 26 - KLOUDBusters   
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Tripoli Kansas #34
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DutyTime 1Time 2Time 3Time 4
Fri. 04Sep 2020    
103LCOBob BrownTerry Smemo Terry Smemo
104LCO SpotterGary Dickinson  Joe Hepworth
105LCO AssistTim Navickas   
106LCO CommsMike Hall   
110Pad ManagerKevin Koepsel  Kevin Koepsel
111Pad Manager    
112Pad Manager--   
113Away Cell RSO    
114Away Cell RSO--Alex Zoghlin  
115Away Cell AssistRod Patten Adrian Butler  
116TRA Certs    
118Registration Mike SmithMike Smith 
120RegistrationLance B Lickteig ----

AIRFest 26 is coming to the Rocket Pasture at Argonia!!!

KLOUDBusters has hosted LDRS at our Argonia, KS launch site: 1993, 1994, 1999, 2003, 2008, & 2011.
KLOUDBusters launches have been featured in TV programs twice: Rocket Challenge in 2003 and
LDRS-Large Dangerous Rocket Ships in 2011.