AIRFest 24 - KLOUDBusters
AIRFest 24 31Aug2018 thru 03Sep2018
   AIRFest 24 - KLOUDBusters   
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Tripoli Kansas #34
AIRFest 24 Range Duty Volunteers Info
Range Duty Opportunities at the Field
We have all headed out to the Rocket Pasture to work on final preparations for the launch so we can't monitor the volunteer e-mails.

You can, however, still volunteer for one of the available range duty slots. Simply come by the RSO Tent when you arrive and sign-up. We still need your help.

See you all real soon!

Select AIRFest 24 Day Volunteer Roster to View
DutyTime 1Time 2Time 3Time 4
Fri. 31Aug 2018    
203LCOBob BrownTerry SmemoDavid ReeseBob Brown
204LCO SpotterDan SchwitallaMike HallRobert GossMike Beattie
205LCO AssistDavid A BrunstingDavid A BrunstingAdrian ButlerJoe Grubb
206RSOTaylor JesseeANDY LIMPEREric CayembergAl Gloer
207RSOKaren GloerKen CareyAlex ZoghlinSteve Nicolai
208RSODave BregarDave RoseGregory OlsonRoy Polmanteer
209Pad ManagerTim NavickasGerald MeuxKevin KoepselDave Duerksen
210Pad ManagerKevin KoepselBill KoropsakBill KoropsakJason Root
211Pad ManagerScott ShawLucas UtleyCraig ClassenDH Barr
212Away Cell RSOScott ChristGary DickinsonSteve Shade 
213Away Cell RSOSteve TaylorJoe GrubbFred TaverniChristopher Cain
214Away Cell AssistTorre R BookoutLou GoldringSteve ShannonDan Welling
215TRA CertsDan WellingGary RosenfieldEric CayembergRoy Polmanteer
217RegistrationDan CrankJeff GebhardtGary ColeBRADLEY L SMITH
218RegistrationDavid PapeSandy ChernokDavid WilkinsMichelle Baker
219RegistrationJeff GebhardtSamantha HuckabayDave RoseNeal Baker

AIRFest 24 is coming to the Rocket Pasture at Argonia!!!

KLOUDBusters has hosted LDRS at our Argonia, KS launch site: 1993, 1994, 1999, 2003, 2008, & 2011.
KLOUDBusters launches have been featured in TV programs twice: Rocket Challenge in 2003 and
LDRS-Large Dangerous Rocket Ships in 2011.